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Skilled women empower other young women

Women share skills with other young women

Meet Dorothy who through small loans and business skills was able to start up a sustainable sewing business and she has been running it for the last 4 years. When she received her small loan, she used it to purchase a sewing machine.

Today, she is using her sewing machine and skills to help young girls and women in her community to learn sewing skills. We are happy that she has dedicated herself and business to help her community. Dorothy says that “I would like to transfer my skills to other people so that they can also succeed. Many young girls in my community drop out of school due to poverty and culture, having them come here for sewing skills will help secure their future”.


SustainME is a non profit organization empowering vulnerable women and families to fight poverty. We empower women through livelihoods and economic development, small startup loans, business-and-vocational skills, business mentorship and other empowerment projects.



  1. Carole Gregory 3 years ago March 25, 2019

    This is wonderful to hear. It just enforces our need for a women’s centre where this can be done on a much wider scale and more regularly so sewing and other skills can be passed on. Then we can build updrafts that can be sold to benefit the project

    • Sustain Micro Enterprise 3 years ago April 2, 2019

      Thank you Carole for the feedback. Yes, the Women’s Centre will in huge way help us to pass on skills to the women who then also help other women in their own communities. The Women’s Centre will be very beneficial and helpful!


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