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Stories of Hope, Small loans and Skills creating impact

Former Shelter for Dorothy before access to small startup loans and skills

Sustain Micro Enterprise focuses on empowering vulnerable women and their families to fight poverty through provision of micro loans, business skills and other empowerment programs. We are very excited to be witnessing the progress and the impact that our work is bringing in the lives of many vulnerable women, children and their entire families. The main goal of our programmes is to enable women to build small businesses and income generating activities so that they can provide for their families with food, school fees, medical care, shelter and other basic needs. Once the women have been able to fulfill their families’ needs, they then start to save and start to also invest in some assets, build better shelter and live meaningful lives.

NOW: Dorothy’s new house which she build after accessing a small loan and skills which enabled her to start up a small business and used her profits overtime to build a house

Here is true impact of our work. Meet Dorothy who through access of our small loans and skill has managed to build a better shelter for her family. Before joining Sustain Micro Enterprise, she used to live in a grass thatched house made up of mud and wattle. Whenever it would rain, the family would spend sleepless nights as the house leaked. However, access to micro loans and business skills helped Dorothy to set up a sewing business which over time enabled her to save enough money and build a good house for herself and family. She is now respected in the village and is a true example of how microfinance can transform lives.

We are very thankful to all our donors who have helped us to keep working with the vulnerable women and their families in Uganda. Without your support, we would not have achieved this milestone with the women.

Do you care about the lives of women? Please consider partnering with us, let us empower more women and help to build and restore families.


SustainME is a non profit organization empowering vulnerable women and families to fight poverty. We empower women through livelihoods and economic development, small startup loans, business-and-vocational skills, business mentorship and other empowerment projects.


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