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SME Women Empowerment Center

SME Women Empowerment Center

Sustain Micro Enterprise would like to introduce to  you a new women’s project the Women Empowerment Center. Sustain Micro Enterprise is seeking to setting up a Women Empowerment Center where the vulnerable women will have access to holistic and practical skills in financial literacy, business skills and hands-On skills. The project will serve to empower the women of Nyenga and surrounding communities with comprehensive and practical skills which will enable the women to create sustainable livelihoods.

The main purpose of the project will be capacity-building. The women will have a place where they can come to acquire comprehensive empowerment with a variety of skills ranging from the finance and business skills to hands-on skills. At the empowerment center, the vulnerable women will learn about how to create a sustainable business from understanding what a business is, to how to record and save money, to developing cash flows and personal budgets. The center will also equip the women with hands-on skills and apprenticeship training, providing women with practical skills in sewing, modern farming, hair dressing, catering and bakery.  Sustain Micro Enterprise will run a continuous mentorship support program to help the women navigate challenges and problems they may face in their business ventures, continue improving the women’s hands-on skills, financial literacy  and money management skills.

The mission of Sustain Micro Enterprise is “transforming the lives of vulnerable women and their families in God’s way.” Sustain Micro Enterprise has already supported over 350 vulnerable women in Nyenga and surrounding communities. Recognizing the important role women play in village and their family, Sustain Micro Enterprise’s program strives to empower women to help them create their own change.  Once the women start to operate their businesses, they can provide more for their children, and serve as role models for girls in their village. The skills provided for each woman quickly snowballs beyond just individual assistance; the women are empowered to change their communities.

The center will bring together women to attain comprehensive empowerment, information and skills sharing. With our commitment to holistic empowerment of women, the center will equip the women with  financial literacy, business skills and Hands-On Skills in the areas of Sewing, Crafts, Farming, Catering/Bakery and Hair Dressing as these are much demanded and can easily provide livelihood to the women and their families.

The center will also offer extra support and  information  on Reproductive Health and family planning, Bible Study, counseling  and holistic women mentorship.

Our long term goal is to see this center established. We would like to call upon you to partner with us to see this dream come to pass. We invite you to support this cause to enable the first ever Women Empowerment Center set up in Uganda. 

We thank you very much for supporting this project.

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SustainME is a non profit organization empowering vulnerable women and families to fight poverty. We empower women through livelihoods and economic development, small startup loans, business-and-vocational skills, business mentorship and other empowerment projects.


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