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Power of Micro Enterprises

Have you ever imagined how life would be like without micro enterprises especially for the poor communities? Well, life would be very difficult for the poor communities to sustain their lives without the micro enterprises. Sustain Micro Enterprise while working with the vulnerable women and families believes in the establishment of micro enterprises to help women provide for their families with food, school fees, medical care and other many basic needs.

Sustain Micro Enterprise focus on empowering women and their families to building sustainable micro enterprises and businesses so that they earn an income to provide for their families. Micro enterprises come in range of different types and nature including retail shops, brick making, stone quarrying, local brewing , second hand clothes, fish selling, fresh foods and grocery, farming, charcoal and firewood, food vending and bakeries.

We care about ensuring that the vulnerable women have the right skills to start up and sustain their micro enterprises.

However, as Sustain Micro Enterprise we cant do any of the activity without the generous support of the good people. We are very grateful to everyone who has committed their resources in terms of money and time to make sure that we help women and communities run sustainable micro enterprises. The volunteers who have worked with us on the grassroot, we are very grateful.


SustainME is a non profit organization empowering vulnerable women and families to fight poverty. We empower women through livelihoods and economic development, small startup loans, business-and-vocational skills, business mentorship and other empowerment projects.


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