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Monthly Updates, August

Sustain Micro Enterprise continues to empower and make a difference in the lives of vulnerable women and families. We help women to create sustainable small businesses and income generating activities through providing them with business skills, micro financing, micro enterprise development, mentorship and vocational skills support and other empowerment projects such as Give a Goat. Our model of work makes it possible for the women to provide for their children with food, education, medical care, better shelter and other basic needs.

We are happy to share with you our Monthly highlights of August. It was a wonderful month with a lot of achievements.


We are very thankful to our volunteers, Hannah and Sarah who worked with us the previous months. Hannah is a student from the University of California and she volunteered with Sustain Micro Enterprise for a period of 1 month working with women in the field of business training, small loans support, women’s groups support among others.

Sarah volunteered with us for 3 months and we are glad she was able to come back for the second time. Sarah is passionate about providing women with mentorship and ensuring that every woman understands her business. She was actively involved in day to day mentoring of the women and helping each woman sustain her business.

             Sarah, Volunteer

                                Hannah, Volunteer

Thank you very much Hannah and Sarah for the time you gave to our organization and helped to empower women and their families.

Sanyu Women’s Group

Sanyu Women’s Group

As we continue with our mission of transforming the lives of vulnerable women and their families, we helped more women to access our services through the creation of a new women’s group called Sanyu.  Sanyu is a local word which means “Happiness”, the women were happy to know that Sustain Micro Enterprise was in their community and was going to help them find sustainable ways to  supporting their families. We managed to provide business training to a group of 10 women after which every woman was able to receive a small loan and ongoing mentorship. We are glad that each woman has been able start up a small business.

Sarah’s Goat delivers 2 kids

          Sarah with her female goat and the 2 kids

It was amazing news when Sarah’s goat delivered 2 kids. In 2017, St. Martin’s Church made a donation to Sustain Micro Enterprise; the donation enabled us to put in place a new project “Give a Goat Project”. Through the project, Sarah was one of the vulnerable women who received a Goat. Sarah’s Goat has given birth 2 times, the first time it delivered 1 kid and the second time it has delivered 2 kids. Sarah is much excited to see that her goats are increasing in number from just one goat to now 4, what an impact. Thank you very much St. Martin’s Church for donating to our organization, your support is changing lives of the women and their families.

Fundraising by Carole Gregory

Since 2014, Carole has been involved with Sustain Micro Enterprise and changing lives of many vulnerable women and families in Uganda. We thank you very much Carole for fundraising for the women and the organization. Recently Carole made a presentation to Rotary Walsall about our work and was able to raise funds for the organization. The money raised is going to be used to create a new group, the group will help women access free business training to prepare and equip them with skills required to create and run viable small businesses. Once the training is done, each of the women will get a small loan to enable them get started on their dreams of setting up and owning a small business.

We thank you very much Carole for your passion to improve lives of the women and working hard to ensure that they are supported.

Women’s Centre

With a commitment to ensure that every woman is empowered, Sustain Micro Enterprise is moving towards building the Women’s Centre. The Women’s Centre will provide a place where the vulnerable women will come to acquire skills in business-and-vocational, medical care and support for women and children.  We are currently undertaking fundraising campaigns to raise funds for the Women’s Centre. Want to learn more about the Women’s Centre, Follow this link please:

Empower a Woman Campaign

Sustain Micro Enterprise is currently running a fundraising campaign called “Empower a Women”. The campaign is seeking to raise funds to empower 20 vulnerable women with business skills and a small loan.  Join us on this campaign, Each woman needs £54 & $64.     To make a donation, Follow this link:   We thank you very much for your continued support.

Inspirational Story of the month

She attends to her chicken

                        Betty Nabukalu

Through business training and women’s group meetings, Betty gained confidence to start up a poultry business. When she took a small loan she was able to build a chicken house, bought chicken stock and feeds.

Betty has received several small loans over the years to help build up her poultry business. She now receives eggs from her poultry business throughout the year and can afford to eat chicken which was unheard of before.

“It gives me joy to see my children now” says Betty. “They eat eggs and chicken which was not possible in my family before access to business skills and small loans. I can now afford to share some eggs with my friends! Even though I am illiterate, my desire is that through this business my children can learn- up to university – that’s what I tell them and I know they can do it!” says Betty.   Thank you very much Sustain Micro Enterprise for enabling me to create a viable business.

Sustain Micro Enterprise empowers vulnerable women and families to fight poverty.


SustainME is a non profit organization empowering vulnerable women and families to fight poverty. We empower women through livelihoods and economic development, small startup loans, business-and-vocational skills, business mentorship and other empowerment projects.



  1. Carole 3 years ago September 23, 2018

    Such inspiration and amazing achievement s from the women.


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