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A good reason to support our work

Meet Dezi Nambafu Dezi 35 years old is a mother of 6 children. She has been on our women empowerment program for 2 years. Through our program, Dezi was able to access business skills, mentorship and small startup loans. She used the skills and the small startup loans to start

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My life changed, thank you

Efulancy, 65 years old is a grandmother to 5 grandchildren. She became a widow 6 years ago after the loss of her husband to cancer. Since her caretaker was no more, life became complicated and this made it difficult to provide for her grandchildren with the basic needs. Joining SustainME

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More than one meal Now

Ruth Kabatale is widow of 52 years old and cares for 3 grandchildren. Ruth’s story would be the same today if it wasn’t for your continued support and SustainME. She lost her husband due to HIV/AIDS years ago and since then, she tried all options to provide for her family

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A new beginning for Antonina

Antonina, 52 years old is a widow of 9 children. She lost her husband to HIV/AIDS and since then life became very difficult for her and her children. She had no source of income as she depended on her husband for a living. For 2 years after the death of

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An Inspiring gift changed Mariam’s life

Mariam is a single mother of 7 children and 2 of her children have already dropped out of school because she couldn’t afford to pay their school fees. Mariam depended on her sewing machine to provide for her family of 7 but however when it broke down, it became impossible

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Mary’s life changed

Mary, a mother of 5 children joined our women empowerment program 2 years ago. Through the program, Mary received business training, mentorship and later was able to receive a small startup loan of £60/$80. She used her small startup loan to start a farming business growing vegetables, maize and potatoes.

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Stories of Hope, Small loans and Skills creating impact

Sustain Micro Enterprise focuses on empowering vulnerable women and their families to fight poverty through provision of micro loans, business skills and other empowerment programs. We are very excited to be witnessing the progress and the impact that our work is bringing in the lives of many vulnerable women, children

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Justine Nakintu

“Not all families in Uganda own land to grow their own food for domestic consumption or can access it for development purposes “Justine says. Justine explains that “I considered hiring a piece of land to grow cassava; a business that I believed would change my fortune for a life time.

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Betty Nabukalu

“I am the second wife to my husband.  As a second wife I do not receive much support from my husband and do not own property. I have to work extremely hard to support myself and my four children” says Betty. “I am illiterate and I do not travel to

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Agatha Namaganda

Meet Agatha Namaganda, a woman entrepreneur who has successfully developed her Grocery business with the support from Sustain Micro Enterprise. Agatha joined our program two years ago and since then she has continued to grow and improve her living conditions. Before joining Sustain Micro Enterprise, Agatha depended on subsistence farming

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