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Who We Are


Our values define what Sustain Micro Enterprise believes in and shape who we are.  They are very important to our family and motivate us to do our work with the vulnerable women and their families.


We know that many issues affect the vulnerable women. Due to their level of vulnerability, they cannot speak for themselves, and this is why we boldly speak out on issues affecting them.  We advocate for and use our platform to protect and preserve the rights of women through socio-economic empowerment.


We are driven the passion to serve the vulnerable women and families. Our passion is to see that every woman is empowered and free from vulnerability. Our staffs, volunteers and stakeholders are passionate about transforming the lives of the women, and we are proud of who we are.


We are committed to being accountable, transparent and honest to all our stakeholders.


We affirm our love to the women and their families. Many of the women struggle every day to provide for their families. Love helps us to connect with them and their families as we help them to work their way out of poverty and attain independence and live better lives.


Our mission is to help transform lives of vulnerable women and their families. Our vision is to build a world where women are free from vulnerability. We achieve this through provision of microfinance, business skills, micro enterprises development, mentorship and vocational skills.


Growing up in a community where women and children were more vulnerable and affected by poverty, Samuel Wanyagira was inspired to start Sustain Micro Enterprise to empower women and their families in same situation to break the cycle of poverty.

In 2010, Sustain Micro Enterprise was founded. Samuel started giving out collateral free small loans using his personal savings and business skills to the vulnerable women with a goal of empowering them to provide food for their children, education, and medical care and improves household incomes.

With only (£72 or $113) Samuel was able to provide the first small loans to a group of 5 women; with each receiving an average loan of (£15 or $22) which they used to start up small businesses. With an amazing impact on women and their families, Samuel was impressed and believed that indeed small loans and business skills can be used as sustainable tool that can help women fight poverty.

Sustain Micro Enterprise works tirelessly to provide an environment where women and families are free from vulnerability. Through our sustainable programs, we provide micro finance, micro enterprises development, business skills, mentorship and vocational skills support.

Our special thanks go to Carole Gregory, Simon and Maria Kabi who have stood with the organisation to support the women and families.


Carole Gregory

Board Advisor

Hannah Barach

Public Relations Director

Sarah Whitlam

Business Director
Sustain Micro Enterprise CEO Samuel Wanyagira

Samuel Wanyagira

Executive Director

Moses Wasige

Vice Chairperson

Rosslar Walube

Financial Director, Treasurer

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