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Through our Microfinance program, we empower the vulnerable women with small loans and seed support funds which enables them to start up small businesses.

SustainME creates sustainable solutions and livelihoods for the women and their families. By providing small loans through microfinancing to vulnerable women, we help to build their capacity to provide a meal for their children and break the cycle of poverty.

Our Model. More Sustainable. 
Our Microfinance model with women is simple, friendly and sustainable. It is consistently proven to increase household incomes, social capital and hope. SustainME works hard to reach and empower the vulnerable women to alleviate poverty through provision of collateral-free small loans. Once the women have received the small loans, we continue to work with them, mentoring them to build their skills and sustainable livelihoods which they can depend on for a living. Our work aims at empowering women to be able to create sustainable small businesses to generate income and provide a better life for their families.

Our approach to Microfinance.
Many vulnerable women do not have the security or collateral required to acquire a loan from financial institutions. SustainME provides a means of accessing capital to build micro enterprises. Women can access Sustain’s microfinance by joining a women’s group. The women’s groups make it possible for the poor women to generate collective support and social capital among themselves thus overcoming challenges and celebrating success together. Once the women receive their small loans, they continue meeting within the women’s groups. As they meet weekly, they make their loan repayments in small amounts, save together and continue accessing business
support from our Business Mentors.

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