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Women’s Centre

It is possible to empower every woman- Let us set up the Women’s Empowerment Centre!


Sustain Micro Enterprise is committed to ensuring that every woman is empowered and free from vulnerability. In efforts to achieve our vision, we are working towards establishing a Women’s Empowerment Centre in Uganda. The Centre will be a place where vulnerable women and families to will find hope and empowerment, and therefore the Centre will serve 3 major purposes: the Centre will be a place where women will come to access practical and empowerment skills in business, crafts, financial and vocational skills including sewing, bakery and farming.

Secondly, the Centre will offer reproductive health and health education such as family planning, hygiene and medical check-ups for the women and their children. Health issues and lack of health information is one of the aspects that limit women’s performance, women end up producing many children yet they can’t adequately support them. A basic mini medical clinic and a full time nurse will help to support the women with information and provide medical check-ups to the women and their children.

Thirdly, the Women’s Empowerment Centre will provide a safe place for a family which is under threat, women who have been chased off their property after the loss of their husbands and have no place to go, and a woman’s family that may need a temporary shelter. While a family stays at the Centre for a period between 1-3 months, it will be put on an empowerment program where they can acquire skills and tools to start up an income generating activity and provide for themselves.

We believe that empowerment is the best chance to build capacities for vulnerable women so that they are able to provide for their children with a meal, pay school fees, medical care and take care of other basic needs.

Help us to establish a Women’s Centre by donating today. Your donation will help us to purchase a piece of land, set up structures and purchase the first phase of equipments for the Centre.

Once the Centre is set up, more lives of women and their families will be touched. It will enable Sustain Micro Enterprise to have a collection point of all skills required to help each woman to run and manage an income generating activity, a safe place to care for a family under threat and a health department to care for the diverse health needs of vulnerable women and their families.

Our target is to raise £30, 850,    $43,933

Please consider making a donation towards the establishment of our Women’s Empowerment Centre.

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Thank you very much for helping us to build the Women’s Empowerment Centre!

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