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Justine has been supported by St. Martin’s Church Walsall

Justine, 60 years old is a widow and sole provider for her two grandchildren. As a widow, she struggles to make a living and support her family. Ever since she lost her husband who was the provider, life has been complicated. With no savings at all, she had to take on temporary work on people’s farms as a way of raising an income.

Sustain Micro Enterprise helped Justine to join a local women’s group through which she was able to acquire free business skills. The business skills enabled Justine to develop ideas of what she would like to do for a living and to earn a stable income. The idea she came up with was to start a rope making business. No one else in her village had the same business so there was a higher demand for rope.

With funding from St. Martins Church, Justine received a small loan  which she is going to use as startup capital for her new rope making business. With her rope making business, she is hopeful that she will be able to provide for her two grandchildren and herself. Being an old widow, she also has many medical needs she has to spend on.

Justine is very thankful to St. Martin’s Church for the love they have shared with her and enabling her access the startup capital to begin her rope making business.

Thank you very much St. Martin’s Church for partnering with Sustain Micro Enterprise to serve the vulnerable women like Justine.

Sustain Micro Enterprise


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